How to get to Mainz

By Plane

There are two airports near Mainz:

Airport Frankfurt/Main
train (EC, ICE, IC, RE, RB) or S-Bahn (line S8) transit from Frankfurt/Main to Mainz main station
duration: 30-40 minutes
ticket price: €4-8 (depending on the train)
for schedule information see Deutsche Bahn


The taxi rank at Frankfurt Airport is located just outside the arrivals areas at the two terminals.

Airport Frankfurt-Hahn (Hunsrück)
Bus transfer to Mainz main station: ORN from terminal 3 (leaves Frankfurt-Hahn every 3 hours)
duration: 90 minutes
ticket price: approx. €10
for schedule information see ORN

 By Train (Mainz Hauptbahnhof - Mainz main station):

There is a direct train connection from the Frankfurt/Main airport to Mainz. High-speed trains, regional trains and trams run between both cities on a regular basis.
A current train timetable to and from the Mainz central station (‘Mainz Hauptbahnhof’) and the southern Mainz station (‘Mainz Römisches Theater’) can be found at the Deutsche Bahn.
You can take a taxi in front of the main entrance of Mainz central station.

 By Car:

At the motorway intersection labeled Mainz-Süd (A60/A63), proceed towards the centre of town ("Zentrum") and follow the signs that say ‘Universitätskliniken’.

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