Course Venue & Info

Course venue

University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Eyes Department (Ophthalmology), Building 102
55131 Mainz

The Department of Ophthalmology of Mainz University is one of the largest of its kind in Germany. We treat well over 6.000 in-patients and over 65.000 out-patients per year.
The main clinical interest lies in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma with over 1.000 glaucoma surgeries annually. Research facilities include Experimental Ophthalmology with state of the art laboratory research, clinical research and epidemiological and outcomes research within the Gutenberg Health Study with more than 15.000 participants.
We welcome visitors who are interested to visit our clinical and our research facilities. Additional information can be obtained at our website:

Prof. Dr. med. Norbert Pfeiffer, LTCL
Direktor der Augenklinik Universitätsmedizin Mainz
Head of Department of Ophthalmology
Chief Medical Officer
Mainz University Medical Center
D-55131 Mainz Germany

Directions and Locations


You can take the following bus lines to reach us from the Mainz main station:
62 (going from Gonsenheim Wildpark to Weisenau/Friedrich-Ebert-Str.)
63 (going from Mombach/Am Lemmchen to Laubenheim) 
67 (going from Mainz Hbf to Zornheim/Hahnheimer Str.) 
71 (going from Stadecken to Landwehrweg)

Get off the bus at the stop called Universitätsmedizin.


You can take the following tram lines to reach us:
50 (going from Finthen/Römerquelle to Hechtsheim/Bürgerhaus) 
51 (going from Finthen/Poststraße to Hechtsheim/Bürgerhaus) 
52 (going from Bretzenheim/Bahnstraße to Hechtsheim/Am Schinnergraben)

Get off the tram at the stop called "Gautor".

Detailed information about busses and trams is available (in German only) on the Web site of the Mainz transit system (

Organising Secretariat

OIC srl - Organizzazione Internazionale Congressi
Viale G. Matteotti, 7
50121 Florence, Italy
Tel. +39 055 50351
Fax +39 055 5001912

Registration Desk

The Organising Secretariat Desk will be open for registration and information according to the following time schedule: Please collect the conference kit at the Secretariat Desk and wear your name badge during the scientific sessions and social activities.

Friday 8 February 7:30 - 17.00
Saturday 9 February 8.00 - 16.45


Each participant will receive a name badge upon check-in at the registration desk. Participants are kindly requested to wear the name badge when entering the course venue and to access any offered services. Access to the meeting rooms is not possible without a personal badge.

Catering On Site

Coffee breaks and a light lunch on 8 and 9 February are included in the registration fee.

Certificate of Attendance

Regularly registered participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


The organisers are not responsible for individual medical, travel or personal insurance. Participants and guests should arrange their own coverage.


The official language of 13th EGS European Glaucoma Residents’ Course is English. All participants are encouraged to join discussions, independently of their fluency in English, as the exchange of ideas and critical evaluation of presentations is the main purpose of the Course.


Free Wi-Fi Internet connection is available in course site.

Meeting App

Don’t forget to download the Course App by searching “MyEGS” in your smartphone Goole Play Store or App Store.
An email with your credentials to log in has been sent to you in advance.
In the course kit you will find the relevant information to access the APP correctly.
Please note that all evaluations requested in the surveys will always be confidential and anonymous.

Please note that this is the official 13th EGS Europena Galucome Residents' Course website for the registrations / housing and that no other websites, companies or agencies are authorised to sell the registrations/ hotel booking in any way or to contact you directly.